Reasons to Control your Weight, It´s Really Important

Why is it necessary to control your weight ?

Well, nowadays obesity is considered as a real public health problema because its presence may cause several diseases such as: atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, heart attack, diabetes, etc. But it is also true that it affects people in another important level which is self-esteem. It is true, obesity takes from us precious moments that never come back.

Enjoy a great body and good health  are gifts that only you can give to yourself and it takes a personal decision. I´m sure you watched “ The biggest Loser “ ? Remember Ali Vincent ? She made it, and so you can. Thank you Ali for being such an inspiration.

It´s possible that you might have faced some of the next situations:

–        You made many diets, none of them worked.

–         Maybe your diet helped a bit, but after a little while you regained your weight or even more.

–         You see how your clothes sizes are increasing.

–         Perhaps you simply don´t like the way you look in the mirror.

 –        Possibly you have tried thousands of methods, but none of them worked as you espected.

–        You wish to change your body, but you don´t know where to start.

Here is my goal: To help you understand your weight problems and give you the Tools and information in order to help you reach your ideal weight and healthy diet habits, and of course, to help you reach the great body you are hiding.  

There are lots of ways body stores and spends energy, although there are basically two of them that you can use to reach your goals, those are diet and exercise.

Your weight problems may be due to lack of exercise, or due to poor eating habits; of course, you may also have a medical problem that makes you cling to your weight such as thyroid problems ( hypothyroidism ), or a physical injury, etc. If that´s your case you should better see your doctor befote you start any weight control plan.

In my next publications I will show you the steps to reach your weight goals in a reasonable time, don´t worry, I wont live you alone, I invite you to follow this blog and reach your goals.


 1º    Set a goal !!!!  ………………. How are you ever going to go somewhere if you can´t see it clearly. In my opinion, if you want to see changes you need to see them in your mind first.

Example: Ana´s goal  (height 1.55 m)

Today I am here


Current weight: 70 Kg

Ideal weight: 48 Kg.

Don´t worry, I will show you how to calculate your ideal weight in my next post.

BMI: ( Body mass index ) 29.1 Kg /m2 = not healthy.

Don´t worry,I will show you how to obtain your Body mass Index  (BMI) in my next post

BMI to reach : 20 Kg/m= healthy !   : )

GOAL : Lose 22 Kg in 6 or 7 months ( Healthy weigh loss = half kilo per week )

REMEMBER: Our ultimate goal is to be healthy and in good shape, If we don´t….. well it´s not worth the effort.

Let’s start now by doing a small evaluation, to know where you are now, and to be able to set a goal in a realistic period of time.


Get to know your ideal weight and your daily caloric requirement



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